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From the love for its territory and from a over 650 years family tradition, the company Azienda Valenti has always stood out for the great quality of its products and the creative passion they convey. In addition to the crafting of wines such as Moscato di Noto Acantus, revival of "Pollio" one of the oldest wines in the world with about 2770 years of history, Azienda Valenti put the wine as the focus point of a global taste. It creates a personal "Planet Wine, " where wines are not limited to accompany the food, but partecipates to the composition of different types of aliments, deeply transforming and improving them, giving an unique scent and taste. This planet is created under the wise direction of the owner Francesco Valenti in total synergy with highest level food producers, which make for Azienda Valenti their very personal and unique recipes, combining the wines with production of foods of high quality and uniqueness. The ranges goes from savoury to sweet, always starting from the use of basic wines, to Moscato Acantus Dry DOC salumi (cold cuts), Moscato Acantus DOC jellies and jams, to a variety of Moscato "panettone" sweet breads, and the finest Modica's chocolate pralines filled with Moscato Acantus DOC cream. A basket of unique products in scents, flavors, fragrance, softness and durability, in which the Moscato Acantus DOC, mainly in its dry and sweet version (TOP HUNDRED ITALIAN 2006), embraces foods ingredients, creatively amalgamating inedited flavors.

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The production zone of Azienda Valenti falls within one of the most historical richest areas of Sicily: the Val di Noto. Such denomination dates back to the Arab domination of Sicily, in 800 A.D., when the isle was divided in 3 areas; Val di Mazara, Val Demone, and Val di Noto. Val di Noto, an area of about 9000 km, included the entire south-eastern portion, "the cradle" of Baroque art, as it can be seen in the cities of Noto, Modica and Ragusa Ibla, all belonging to Unesco World Heritage. In the same territory, owned by Azienda Valenti, even more ancient ruins can be seen. One example is the Cave of Trabacche, a significant evidence of a monumental funerary architecture, characterized by the presence of two burials canopy (also called "a tegurium") from which its name originated (Trabacca indicated a part of the old four-poster beds). The cave has been also set of television productions as "Il Commissario Montalbano".
In the year 2000, Azienda Valenti , has finalized the choice to achieve the highest final quality of its wines, planting a 10 hectares doc vineyard. The area dislocation lies in the heart of Val di Noto and, in the choice of the ground, it has been preferred the richest in potassium, which presented a vegetable soil of 60 cm, with mineral subsoil, and an optimal exposure. After a long and accurate selection of the oldest vines, Azienda Valenti has begun to realize its wines with a limited annual production of about 15,000 bottles, and to have the highest possible quality, starting from an "uvaggio"(blend) truly amazing of just 800 kg of vine for Moscato and Chardonnay, up to a maximum of 1,200 kg for Nero d'Avola. With these assumptions it is clear that the wines produced are characterized by a series of excellent flavours (thanks to the soil and the richness of potassium) and by a concentration of tastes (thanks to the limited use of grapes) and with scent of minerals (thanks to the bedrock). These remarkable features are even more important in the composition of the Planet Wine, since such a richness of aromas and complex flavors combined with the concentration of the wine, turn the foods into which they are added; they blend the flavors in them and determinate their durability acting like natural preservatives, creating a whole" food-wine" truly unique and exclusive. All these peculiarities must have been noticed by Arabs as well, who called this area "Gesira" (from the arabic word "Gezirah", meaning: island between two rivers), seeing in it a true island good in climate, depth of soil, abundance of water and beautiful landscapes.
It is imperative to point out that according to Azienda Valenti the best of the final product borns in the vineyard, with all the precautions already mentioned, such as the choice of the land with its natural content of potassium, its exposure and its minerality, the long and accurate selection of the oldest vines, the overcrowding of vines per hectare (over4,000) to naturally thin out the grapes, the absolute wines variety purity derived from a truly amazing blend (from kg 0.800 per vine for Moscato and Chardonnay, to a max of kg 1.200 per vine for Nero d'Avola). This incredible accuracy of production is matched with an equally methodical care in the cellar, where, in order to bring out all the flavors and scents of these wines, it is applied the temperature-controlled fermentation. Grapes are harvested only in the cooler morning hours, then after the crushing and the "deraspatura"(process to separate grapes from stems) using a chilled soft press, the process continues in refrigerated silos with the help of natural yeasts able to work even at very low temperature. As regards white wines, a temperature of 3-4 degrees is maintained for 4-5 months , and in the case of Moscato Acantus it is also added a portion of grapes (15%) previously withered naturally in the sun. The Nero d'Avola and Chardonnay, instead, spend a part of their maturation( from 30 to 60 days) in 220 litres oak barrels to emphasize their scents and their tastes without taking the classic taste of vanilla that homologates many wines these days, to the point of not recognize the native grape.


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