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Valenti's Wines Jellies and Jams


Moscato di Noto Jam

Valenti Jams are created from the best fruit of our countryside. Characterized by soft and flowery tone, they are perfect to eat along with fresh or mildly seasoned cheese and herb cheese. Thanks to Moscato Acantus, which gives exceptional hints and tastes, they flow into high gastronomic poetry verses of Mediterranean flavour. Available tastes: Sicilian oranges, Lemon, Tangerine and Washington Navel oranges.

Sicilian Lemon Jam

Sicilian Tangerine Jam

Sicilian Orange Jam

Washington Navel Oranges Jam

Wine Jellies

Superfine wine jellies lend themselves to exalt every dining experience with unique and exclusive flavours. They recall the unique organoleptic characteristics of the wines used, mainteining their typical fruity aromas and delicious smells. To eat along with fresh or mildly seasoned cheese, they bring to the palate surprisingly flowery nuances with typical aromas of Sicily. Available tastes: Nero d'Avola and Moscato di Noto Acantus

Wine Jellies

Moscato di Noto

Wine Jellies

Nero d'Avola