Panettone and Colomba Walnuts and Figs

Panettone e Colomba Noci e Fichi con Moscato di Noto Acantus

Panettone and Colomba Walnuts and Figs

A renewal of the classic Panettone, enriched with candied figs and walnuts left to macerate in Moscato di Noto wine. A mediterranean combination of softness and flavour, baked according to a traditional recipe of one of the most famous artisanal bakeries.


Ingredients: Soft Wheat flour (0) Sugar, Emulsifier, Mono and diglycerides fat (E471), Salt, Skimmed milk powder, Dextrose, Vanillin),Flour, Yeast, Sugar, Egg yolk, Butter, Walnuts, Figs, Muscat Noto Acantus, Icing (Sugar, Rice flour, Almond flour (10%), Malted flour), Egg white