Panettone and Colomba Pear and Chocolate

Panettone e Colomba Pere e Cioccolato con Moscato di Noto Acantus

Panettone and Colomba Pear and Chocolate

Fabulous interpretation that fuses in a sweet bread the addictive taste of the candied pear combined with fine dark chocolate, with Moscato di Noto Acantus to amalgamate the tastes in a catching aromatic nuance


Ingredients: Soft wheat flour, Candied pear cubes 15% (Cubes of pear, Glucose Fructose syrup, Citric acid), Fresh eggs, Butter, Sugar, Chocolate chips 6% (Sugar, Cocoa paste, Cocoa butter , Emulsifier: Soy lecithin, Aroma: Vanillin), Fresh egg yolk, Milk, Sourdough, Emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, Moscato Passito di Noto 2%, Glucose syrup, Spices, Cocoa butter, Salt. It may contain traces of shell fruit and nuts. DOES NOT CONTAIN GENETICALLY MODIFIED INGREDIENTS